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A (Food) Review of 2012

It’s 2013. Wow. A year has gone by so fast, doomsday predictions notwithstanding. At around this time last year, I think I was sprawled on a couch, dramatically bemoaning my lack of a life. Or a job. Or anything – … Continue reading

06. January 2013 by Zye
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On Making Pita Bread

My roommate loves to cook, which is great because I love to eat. Her most recent foray was into making pita bread. Since she didn’t take her chapati maker from home with her when she decided to move, she had … Continue reading

19. November 2012 by Zye
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Absolut Kurant Weekends

It’s a Monday, and memories of magic weekends still haunt me: particularly one when a tipsy friend came over at midnight, clutching a full bottle of Absolute Kurant to her chest like a lifeline. This fruity vodka is one of … Continue reading

03. September 2012 by Zye
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A Matter of Fried

It’s tough living on your own. It’s especially tough when you live in a city where merely stepping out onto the sidewalk gets you unflattering tan lines. It’s more than especially tough when you live in an area where the … Continue reading

28. May 2012 by Zye
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