On the High that is Coffee

I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again: coffee is my only vice.

Coffee Mug

    “Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven.”            ~Jessi Lane Adams

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04. November 2012 by Zye
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Making Tofu Mousse

It doesn’t sound particularly appetizing. To be honest, my reaction to the mere idea of tofu mousse, or using tofu in any kind of dessert, for that matter, was one of disgust. I like tofu, but I’d never tried a tofu-based dessert before. And this is coming from a person who will eat any kind of dessert on the planet. But I have friends who are vegetarian, and this is for them.

Tofu mousse is a much healthier option that any other kinds of mousses (haha), and vegans or those who don’t eat dairy can always tweak this recipe to suit their own tastes.

Tofu Mousse Tofu on Plate

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Serves: 4

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26. October 2012 by Zye
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Using the Magical Properties of Dry Ice for Halloween

Since it’s just about the time of year for ghouls, ghosts and goblins (among other nether-worldly creatures) to make an appearance, here are some ways you can make parties more enjoyable using dry ice for Halloween.

Dry Ice

  1. Put it in/around drinks. When in contact with liquids, dry ice turns into fog, making for an awesome Halloween effect. If you’re putting it in drinks, make sure to use food-grade dry ice, and use large chunks. You can use this for cocktails, fruit juice, punch, basically anything. If using dry ice for children’s parties, it’s better to put the dry ice in a serving container like a punch bowl or cauldron then just ladle out the drinks.
  2. Place large blocks of dry ice in strategic corners/areas of a room for Halloween parties. These, accompanied by some well-crafted decorations, will create a really haunting atmosphere that will set the right mood for a spooky-good fun time. You can even drop blocks of dry ice in a heated swimming pool – this guarantees a very memorable event.
  3. Use dry ice to keep food for outdoor Halloween parties cold and frozen but without all the messy dripping. Put dry ice for Halloween in the bottom of a cooler or ice box, cover with cardboard/layers of newspapers, put your food and drinks on top, cover and you’re ready to go.

A word of caution: Never handle dry ice with your bare hands. Use a pair of thick gloves or tongs to lift or transfer the blocks/chunks of dry ice and do not allow children to play with it. Dry ice will burn skin if it comes into direct contact with it.

18. October 2012 by Zye
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Easy Tuna Potato Salad from Home

Potato JokeMy mom makes an awesome chicken-potato salad. When I say awesome, I mean AWESOME, no exaggeration. On the rare occasions that she finds the time to cook this, I pitch in, mind, body and soul because I know the rewards will be great. Haha. I’ve written up a recipe for it here: Recipe for a Delicious Chicken-Potato Salad. Continue Reading →

10. October 2012 by Zye
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Shaking Things Up – The Boston Shaker

In honour of Thursday, which is a happy day because it means there’s only one more day to go before the weekend, I’m posting this awesome video that my drinks-loving self found. It’s a very straight-to-the-point, informative and concise lesson on how to use a Boston shaker, which I will happily test as soon as I can get my hands on one. Haha!

Lesson from Evan Zimmerman

04. October 2012 by Zye
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Sushi with wasabi

Like the haiku, this is Japanese poetry – but the edible kind.

During my first Communications class in the first semester of my first year of college, my professor entered the room and began handing out tongue depressors. She then told us to close our eyes and hold out the tongue depressors. Bewildered (and quite naive at this point), we obeyed while she went around putting something on the depressors.

Then she said to taste what was on them, without opening our eyes. It was a fiery explosion in my mouth that shot straight up my nostrils: wasabi. I’d had wasabi before as a kid, and remember having spat it out along with a mouthful of sushi, so the Japanese condiment did not exactly sit well with my tastebuds. Continue Reading →

27. September 2012 by Zye
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For the Love of Bookstores and Books

Bookstores are comforting. To me, it doesn’t even matter what kind. Whether it’s the commercially-run stores with hordes of tweens trampling one another to get to the section piled high with “50 Shades of Grey” or the charming-but-tiny neighbourhood shops, I feel at home in them.

As an aside, I picked up a copy of the aforementioned book yesterday while browsing through the stacks, leafed through some random pages, and dropped it faster than I did my college Math classes. Continue Reading →

21. September 2012 by Zye
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Churning Out Homemade Ice Cream, Literally

The weekend is over. And there’s nothing like a weekend over to begin to look forward to another weekend. So, in the hopes that I will one day learn to make homemade ice cream so that I can have a tub whenever I feel the weekday blues coming on, here’s a demo for those of you out there who can make your own ice cream.

Let your imagination run wild with the flavours and toppings – you can even try beer and see if it works. If it does, congratulations, you’re on your way to making millions. If not, well then, suck it up and eat it – can’t let good beer go to waste!

17. September 2012 by Zye
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A Side of Grilled Mushrooms

Mushrooms on the GrillMushrooms have been a part of my diet ever since I could remember. My mom has always believed in practising the whole “eat your vegetables” thing, and while mushrooms are fungi, they fall under the “healthy foods” category. Hence their constant presence in our kitchen. It’s a good thing that I like mushrooms, and will eat any kind that is certain not to be the death of me – button, portobello, wood ear, chanterelle, shiitake, saffron milk cap and some I don’t even know the names of. Continue Reading →

12. September 2012 by Zye
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A Crash Course on Hygienic Food Preparation

You’d think these things just require common sense, but sometimes, even the smartest chef can overlook or neglect the rules of basic hygienic food preparation. So to remind everyone that there’s no sense in cooking up the most delicious storm if you end up giving your guests food poisoning anyway, here’s a list of what’s what: Continue Reading →

07. September 2012 by Zye
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