A (Food) Review of 2012

It’s 2013. Wow. A year has gone by so fast, doomsday predictions notwithstanding.

At around this time last year, I think I was sprawled on a couch, dramatically bemoaning my lack of a life. Or a job. Or anything – anything – meaningful going on.

2012 was a year of so many drastic changes in my life. A death in the family, a new job, packing up to move for that job, new living arrangements, new friendships, old friendships renewed, heartbreak, going back to a lifestyle I thought I’d forever left. It was like the relative tranquillity I enjoyed for 2011 was simply the calm in between monsoon seasons. And I thoroughly enjoyed the year that was, both the good and the bad in it.

So before I go further into any more saccharine self-realisations, and because I really do love food, here’s what made up my 2012, the Edible Edition:

  1. Coffee – of course, this is also true for 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008…
  2. Fried rice – refer to my earlier post on this. From when I wrote that until the end of the year, my roommate and I subsisted on it.
  3. Various kinds of dumplings – mostly because they’re cheap and are an excellent last-minute dinner option.
  4. Sausages – thanks to the overwhelming concern of my roommate’s mom that we might starve to death. She took that thought back last October, when she saw that our pant sizes had increased considerably, and has not sent us any more since.
  5. Lots of finger food – the kind that’s served with beer or cocktails. ‘Nuff said.
  6. Chicken wings – technically, these should fall under finger food, but I think they deserve a spot of their own since chicken wings have somehow ended up on my plate a large number of times in recent months.
  7. Ramen, noodles, wonton and the like – instant or not, there has always been something comforting about a big bowl of good, hot noodles that has gotten me through many a tough day.
  8. Tea and Hot Chocolate – on the days when I’d gone considerably over my coffee limit and feared palpitations.
  9. Eggs – for breakfast, lunch, dinner. They’re fool-proof: just crack into a pan and voila! A meal (or, well…a semblance of)!
  10. Everything 7-11 stores sell. Seriously.

I would have included beer and other alcoholic drinks, but thought that the whole subject would need to have its own post. Happy 2013!


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06. January 2013 by Zye
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